Angelo Gaja has been one of the main driving forces for putting Barbaresco wines firmly into the category of international cult status wines and has proved that wines from his native Piemonte, in Italy could sell for higher prices than many top-class Clarets or Burgundy. Gaja is famous for his single vineyard wines, winning numerous awards for his Sori Tildin, Sori San Lorenzo, Costa Russi, and Barbaresco. The family firm can trace its roots back to 1856 when they opened a small restaurant in the town of Barbaresco, serving its wines to complement the Italian food. Angelo Gaja joined the family business in 1961, and he has subsequently made many changes and improvements, none more important than only using grapes grown in his own vineyards and restricting yields, and vinifying and bottling separately his single-vineyard Barbaresco wines; Sorì San Lorenzo in 1967, Sorì Tildìn in 1970 and Costa Russi in 1978. Gaja's wines are noted for their opulence, elegance, complexity and longevity and are designed to evolve and last for decades. Any serious wine collector should ensure that their collection includes Gaja’s signature wines from north-west Italy.
Gaja, Barbaresco 1961
Levels: 3cm; bin soiled, damaged, and stained labels, one slightly raised cork, believed 1970s late release

12 bottles per lot

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