FRANZ MARC (1880-1916)
FRANZ MARC (1880-1916)
FRANZ MARC (1880-1916)
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FRANZ MARC (1880-1916)

The Foxes (Die Füchse)

FRANZ MARC (1880-1916)
The Foxes (Die Füchse)
signed with initial ‘M.’ (lower right)
oil on canvas
34 3⁄4 x 26 1⁄4 in. (88.3 x 66.4 cm.)
Painted in 1913
Maria Marc, Ried, by descent from the artist, in March 1916.
Galerie Der Sturm [Herwarth Walden], Berlin, by whom acquired from the above, by September 1916.
Franz Kluxen, Berlin, by whom acquired from the above, by August 1917.
Max Leon Flemming, Hamburg & Berlin, by whom probably acquired from the above in May 1920.
Kurt & Else Grawi, Berlin, by whom acquired from the above in 1928.
William & Charlotte Dieterle, Beverly Hills, by whom acquired from the above in 1940 (through the agency of Ernst (Ernest) Simon and Karl Nierendorf, New York); offered for sale, Klipstein und Kornfeld, Bern, 8 June 1961, lot 64.
Helmut Horten, Berlin, by whom acquired via private treaty prior to the above sale and subsequently gifted to the Städtische Kunstsammlung, Dusseldorf in 1962.
Restituted by the city of Dusseldorf to the heirs of Kurt & Else Grawi, in 2021.
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