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Woman #5672

Woman #5672
smart contract address: 0xe785E82358879F061BC3dcAC6f0444462D4b5330
wallet address: 0xc9b6321dc216d91e626e9baa61b06b0e4d55bdb1
token ID: 5672
800x800 pixels unlockable to 4000x4000 pixels

Minted on 28 July 2021

Red Turquoise Background (914 Women have this trait); Tuxedo Clothes (100 Women have this trait); Triple Ring Earrings (823 Women have this trait); Blue Eye Roll (440 Women have this trait); Sunset Facial Features (297 Women have this trait); Bob Hairstyle (653 Women have this trait); Surprised Mouth (1,733 Women have this trait); Night Goddess Skin Tone (85 Women have this trait); Passion Red Lips Color (3,008 Women have this trait).
Acquired from the above by the present owner.

Special Notice

Please note for tax purposes, including potential sales tax, NFTs may be considered a digital service or digital product and thus Christie’s may be required to collect relevant taxes dependent on local laws. For tax rate information, you may wish to consult an independent tax advisor.
Please note, except in the event you are a resident of Mainland China, you may elect to make payment of the purchase price for this lot in the cryptocurrency Ether or Bitcoin. Payment in Ether or Bitcoin must be made to Christie’s via a digital wallet maintained with one of the following: Coinbase Custody Trust; Coinbase, Inc.; Fidelity Digital Assets Services, LLC; Gemini Trust Company, LLC; Gemini Europe Limited; Gemini Europe Services Limited; Paxos Trust Company, LLC; Digivault Limited; Ziglu Limited; or Archax Ltd. Only payments sent from digital wallets maintained at these platforms will be credited towards this lot purchase, and we will not recognise payments from digital wallets hosted at other exchanges or self-hosted wallets.
The digital wallet must be registered to you, or, if you registered to bid as a company, then in the name of the company. You agree, upon our request, to provide documentation confirming that the payment was made from a digital wallet registered in your name and maintained at one of the platforms listed above. Partial payments of a lot from multiple digital wallets will not be allowed.
The cryptocurrency amount will be calculated by us based on the following: - For Ether: the USD/ETH hourly quoted CoinDesk Ether Price Index (ETX) at the start time of the auction. The USD/ETH rate will then be converted into GBP/ETH using the GBP/USD exchange rate provided by our bank at the same time as the ETH/USD is quoted; or - For Bitcoin: the USD/BTC hourly quoted CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XTX) at the start time of the auction. The USD/BTC rate will then be converted into GBP/BTC using the GBP/USD exchange rate provided by our bank at the same time as the BTC/USD is quoted.
You must pay the purchase price no later than 24 hours after we issue you with an invoice if you elect to pay for this lot in Ether or Bitcoin, or by the end of the seventh calendar day following the auction for all other currencies. The relevant exchange rates will be disclosed in the invoice. For further information and to view our Buyer’s Premium rates, please view the Conditions of Sale via the link below.
Post Lot Text
Prior to bidding please ensure you review both the Christie’s Conditions of Sale and the World of Women digital ownership assignment agreement which can be found at the back of the catalogue or available here (

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