Domaine Ponsot, Clos de la Roche Cuvée Hippolyte 2022
Domaine Ponsot, Clos de la Roche Cuvée Hippolyte 2022

1 barrel per lot
This is a magical lot for wine collectors. A whole, engraved barrel of this year’s harvest is offered, which Ponsot will conduct the élevage for. In honour of Hippolyte Ponsot, grandfather of Rose-Marie Ponsot, this special offering is labelled as Cuvée Hippolyte. It is a selection of the best grapes in the Clos de la Roche vineyard, from a plot which Hippolyte acquired in 1925, from the descendants of the Marey-Monge-Deblic family.

This plot, named the “Clos de la Roche Deblic”, is a special parcel for the estate. It originally belonged to the illustrious scholar Gaspart Monge, who, at the beginning of the 19th century, brought his bottled Clos de la Roche to Paris to taste it with the most important politicians and scholars of the day. When Hippolyte Ponsot arrived at the estate in 1922 to begin work, it was the first plot he fell in love with and acquired. He chose to replant the plot with the finest Pinot Noir clones available in the 1920s. The estate refreshed plantings in the plot in the 1940s.

As part of this lot the estate is offering the buyer a Domaine Ponsot experience:
When the barrel is bottled in two years, the buyer can visit the estate and see the vineyards and the cellar. In the evening a dinner will be served in the company of Alexandre, William and Rose-Marie. The buyer will enjoy a tasting, during the dinner, of six historical wines from the family vineyards, Morey Cuvée des Grives, Gevrey Cuvée de l’Abeille, Morey 1er cru blanc Clos des Monts-Luisants, Morey 1er cru rouge, Cuvée des Alouettes, Chapelle-Chambertin and Clos de la Roche. Overnight accommodation is offered by the Domaine in the Château de Gilly. All bottles will be labelled with the owners name.

Proceeds from this lot will be donated to “A Chacun son Everest”. Founded in Chamonix in 1994 by Christine Janin, a doctor and mountaineer, A Chacun Son Everest accompanies children afflicted by cancer or leukaemia and women in remission from breast cancer in order to help them regain confidence, joy and a new lease on life at the foot of the Mont Blanc.


This wine constituting this lot will remain bonded for tax and duty purposes at the facilities of Domaine Ponsot in France whilst the wine undergoes élevage. When the wine is ready to be bottled (which is expected but not guaranteed to be in 2024), the buyer will be contacted by Domaine Ponsot to confirm the buyer’s preferences as regards bottling, shipping and storage arrangements. In order to release the wine constituting this lot into free circulation, the buyer will be required to pay any applicable VAT and duty (and any other applicable taxes) at the then prevailing rates. The buyer of this lot will not receive the barrel in which the wine constituting this lot undergoes élevage.

In addition, the buyer of this lot will be invited by Domaine Ponsot to visit the domaine when the wine constituting the lot is bottled. Certain details of this experience are provided above in the lot description. The buyer will be invited to contact the domaine directly to receive further details following the auction. The experience has no cash alternative and the value of the goods and/or services provided to the buyer as part of the experience is expected to be negligible in comparison to the purchase price of the lot.

This is the first time this cuvée will be bottled separately and only one barrel was produced.
Domaine Ponsot, Clos de la Roche Cuvée Hippolyte 2022
Grand Cru, Côte de Nuits
1 barrel per lot
Sale room notice
Please note that the bottling will take place between April and June 2024, subject to decision of the Domaine’s cellar master. The barrel itself contains 228 litres which equates to approximately 300 bottles. The exact quantity will be determined at bottling. The buyer will have the opportunity to bottle in various formats from bottle up to jeroboam. Larger formats such as methuselah are subject to the winery’s discretion and may incur a small surcharge from the Domaine. After the wine is bottled and labelled, the buyer is responsible for collecting the wines and making all shipping and importation arrangements.

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