FEWOCiOUS (B. 2003)
FEWOCiOUS (B. 2003)
FEWOCiOUS (B. 2003)
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FEWOCiOUS (B. 2003)
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FEWOCiOUS (B. 2003)

Year 6, Age 19 - Growing Pains

FEWOCiOUS (B. 2003)
Year 6, Age 19 - Growing Pains
smart contract address: 0xf126EB8284110A37C18E726A7E3B9fc21e68e897
token ID: 87
wallet address: 0x35860583266F6C6caD540EF07B4D36eC0d925916
single channel video
00:00:17 seconds (10,000 x 10,000 pixels)
painting in artist's carved and gilded wooden composite frame
signed twice, inscribed and dated 'I'm 19! Ahhh FEWO FEWOCiOUS Take Care 2022' (on the reverse of the canvas)
overall framed dimensions: 59 1/2 x 73 x 3 in. (151.1 x 185.4 x 7.6 cm.)
Executed in 2022. This work is unique and accompanied by a non-fungible token. This lot is also accompanied by nineteen additional 1/1 archival non-fungible tokens and two custom characters from the upcoming FewoWorld drop: FEWOS.

Please note this lot comes with a physical framed painting that is intentionally a work-in-progress that will be painted by the artist throughout the duration of the exhibition. Anticipated media includes acrylic paint, pastel, oil paint, clay and marker on two canvases.
The artist
Special notice
Please note for tax purposes, including potential sales tax, that this lot contains both an NFT and a physical work of art which could subject the entire purchase price of the lot to tax as a digital service or tangible property, and Christie’s may be required to collect relevant taxes dependent on local laws. You alone are responsible for any applicable taxes, tariffs or other government-imposed charges relating to the receipt of the digital service and shipment of the tangible property. For tax rate information you may wish to consult an independent tax advisor. Please note, except in the event you are a resident of Mainland China, you may elect to make payment of the purchase price for this lot in the cryptocurrency Ether or in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Payment in Ether or Bitcoin must be made via a digital wallet transfer of Ether or Bitcoin to Christie’s. If you do not already have one, please obtain a hosted digital wallet at Coinbase Custody Trust; Coinbase, Inc.; Fidelity Digital Assets Services, LLC; Gemini Trust Company, LLC; or Paxos Trust Company, LLC. The digital wallet must be registered to you, or, if you registered to bid as a company, then in the name of the company. Please note that setting up a digital wallet can take a week or more, depending on the service provider’s account opening requirements. Only payments sent from digital wallets maintained at the above listed platforms will be accepted. We will not recognize payments from digital wallets hosted at other exchanges or self-hosted wallets. Partial payments of a lot from multiple digital wallets are not allowed. You agree, upon our request, to provide documentation confirming that the Ether or Bitcoin payment was made from a digital wallet registered in your name and maintained at one of the platforms listed above. You must notify us within 24 hours of sale closing should you wish to pay by cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency amount will be calculated by us based on the hourly quoted CoinDesk Ether Price Index (ETX) or CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (XBX) as determined by us at the time of invoicing and will be disclosed in the invoice. For further information and to view our Buyers Premium rates, please view the Conditions of Sale via the link below.

Brought to you by

Rachael White Young
Rachael White Young Vice President, Senior Specialist, Head of Core Market Sales

Lot Essay

Year 6, Age 19 - Growing Pains is the latest installment of Hello, i’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life, FEWOCiOUS’s first solo sale with Christie’s in 2021. After retrospectively exploring Ages 14 - 18 in the last auction, FEWOCiOUS is now creating this new collection for his latest year, Age 19.

In Fewo’s Words

"In the desert, the sun beats hot on the flowers. It makes them shrivel into crisp, dead fossils. Cooked into nothingness.

I stayed there in the heat, I reached my petals to the sky and touched the unforgiving sunlight. Somehow I survived there, shriveled, half-dead, and alone. I grew in a clay pot that was too small for me. I felt the shards of clay cutting into me. I can still feel where they were now, phantom pains. I dragged myself out of the sunlight. I shattered the pot. I shaped my drying petals into wings and taught myself to fly. I can go anywhere I choose. It is terrifying, and exhilarating. The world is there, and I think I am finally ready to embrace it. I don't need to be a perfect flower to be allowed to grow. I can have tears in my leaves, dry petals, burns, smudges, and wilted edges.

I found my place in this world within my own heart.
It keeps beating."

This lot consists of a 1 of 1 NFT with a paired physical painting in a custom milled and gilded frame. This physical painting will be created in realtime on a livestream in the week leading up to the auction with the culmination of the creation happening live at Christie’s. In addition to those pieces, this lot includes 19 pieces of archival work that will be minted as NFTs and presented as physical prints - all archival works will have been created during FEWOCiOUS’s 19th year. These physical prints will come in a custom made trunk, designed by FEWOCiOUS. The final addition will be two of the rarest custom characters from the upcoming FEWOS drop as part of FewoWorld.

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