FAN ZENG (B. 1938)
FAN ZENG (B. 1938)
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FAN ZENG (B. 1938)

Yi Yuanji and His Monkey

FAN ZENG (B. 1938)
Yi Yuanji and His Monkey
Scroll, mounted and framed, ink and colour on paper
138.3 x 68.8 cm. (54 ½ x 27 1⁄8 in.)
Entitled, inscribed and signed, with one seal of the artist
Dated spring, 1979
Further inscribed and signed by the artist, with two seals
Dated jiwei year (1979)
Dedicated to Qiyu (Mr Chua Kay Cheong)
Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner.
1980 Calendar, China National Foreign Trade Transportation Corp., China National Chartering Corp., 1980, plate February.
Further details
Chua Kay Cheong, also known as Qiyu, is a native of Jinjiang County, Fujian Province. He was born in Perak, Malaysia in 1947. Mr Chua joined the business world after graduating from Chung Ling High School in Penang in 1965. He is keenly interested in literature and art, and although he does not paint himself, he met many contemporary scholars, writers, and painters both at home and abroad through his connections in his literary circle. In his spare time, Chua entertains himself with poetry, calligraphy, Chinese paintings, and epigraphy. After his retirement, he became an active writer and published art criticism in newspapers and magazines. The three paintings in this collection were all gifted to Chua by the artists, as evident in the dedication in each work. Chua’s careful preservation of the works over the decades and his retention of his correspondence with the artists at the time demonstrate his genuine passion for art.

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