HU YEFO (1908-1980) / JING’AN (20TH CENTURY)
HU YEFO (1908-1980) / JING’AN (20TH CENTURY)
HU YEFO (1908-1980) / JING’AN (20TH CENTURY)
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HU YEFO (1908-1980) / JING’AN (20TH CENTURY)

Pines in the Mountain / Calligraphy

HU YEFO (1908-1980) / JING’AN (20TH CENTURY)
Pines in the Mountain / Calligraphy
Folding fan, ink and colour / ink on paper
18.5 x 46 cm. (7 ¼ x 18 1⁄8 in.)
Pines in the Mountain entitled, inscribed and signed by Hu Yefo, with two seals
Dated summer, guiwei year (1943)
Dedicated to Wen
Calligraphy inscribed and signed by Jian’an, with one seal
Dedicated to Lanfu

The dedication refers to Wen Lanting, a native of Changzhou and a well-known figure in Shanghai during the Republican period. Wen was skilled at writing the clerical script.
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Assembled by Singapore-based collectors Mr Foh Kim Hong and his wife, Ms Chan Siew Fong, the Foh Collection celebrates five decades of life and partnership. Mr Foh was born in Malaysia, and upon graduating from Taiwan Normal University in music, he settled in Singapore and became a professional cellist for the newly formed Singapore Symphony Orchestra. Ms Chan grew up in Singapore and studied design at the prestigious art college Central Saint Martin’s in London. In the 1960s, she met and befriended renowned Singaporean artist Cheong Soo Pieng in London and also encountered artists such as Zao Wou-ki, Chu Te-Chun and Sanyu when she travelled to Paris.
The couple began collecting Chinese contemporary art in the late 1960s. Their different backgrounds and personalities have resulted in an impressively curated, diverse collection of Chinese paintings from the late Qing Dynasty to the late 1990s, showcasing masterpieces across the spectrum, from traditional literati pieces to bolder, more modern and abstract works. Subsequently, in the early 1990s, the Fohs founded Yuen Gallery, after Mr Foh had completed his time with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. The gallery was welcomed by Chinese painting connoisseurs in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond, and the Fohs have been advising many new and seasoned collectors with Mr Foh’s encyclopedic knowledge of Chinese art and provenance. Yuen Gallery organized many exhibitions featuring modern and contemporary ink artists such as Wu Guanzhong, Hong Yi, Li Keran, Lu Yanshao, Wu Zuoren, Zhu Qizhan, and Wang Jiqian. Mr Foh met Zhao Shao’ang on his visit to Hong Kong in the spring of 1992, which led to their collaboration on Zhao’s solo show at Yuen Gallery in 1995, Zhao Shao’ang – A Sixty-Year Retrospective.
Since Mr and Mrs Foh’s retirement in the last few years, their son, Foh Kai Lik has taken an active role in managing and shaping the future of the collection. In May 2023, the Foh family collaborated with Christie’s to present an exhibition of their cherished collection. Just as art has given light and joy to their lives, the family would like to see the collection supporting those who find it challenging to appreciate the world in all its beauty, particularly children with autism and special needs and elderly living with cognitive decline. The Foh family will donate all sale proceeds to support these causes.

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