WU CHANGSHUO (1844-1927)
WU CHANGSHUO (1844-1927)
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WU CHANGSHUO (1844-1927)

Pine Tree

WU CHANGSHUO (1844-1927)
Pine Tree
Hanging scroll, ink on satin
159.5 x 41.5 cm. (62 ¾ x 16 3⁄8 in.)
Inscribed and signed, with two seals of the artist
Inscripted and signed by on the wooden box by Aizu Yaichi (1881-1956), with two seals
Dated October, nineteenth year of the Showa reign (1944)

Aizu Yaichi (1881-1956), a native of Niigata Prefecture, was the owner of Shusoudo. He was a poet, art historian, calligrapher, and also Professor Emeritus at Waseda University. He was the author of several books.
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Further details
Aoyama San’u (1912-1993), also known as Aoyama Fumio, was a famous calligrapher in modern Japan. When he was a young man, he was influenced by Ooike Seiran (1899-1977), and also used Chinese calligraphy from the Wei and Jin Dynasties to the Tang Dynasty as a model to study calligraphy. Aoyama served as a professor at Daito Bunka University and Chukyo University, and contributed greatly to the development and education of Chinese calligraphy at the Kenshin Shudo Association and Daito Bunka University. He was a member of the Japan Art Institute and an advisor to the Kenshin Shudo Association, and was awarded a prize by the Japan Art Institute for his three books.

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