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A Bizen Katana in Mounts
A Bizen Katana in Mounts


A Bizen Katana in Mounts
Nanbokucho period (14th century)
Sugata [configuration]: hon-zukuri, iori-mune, extended kissaki, torii-zori
Kitae [forging pattern]: running itame of ji-nie
Hamon [tempering pattern]: suguha-notare with nie, ashi, yo and sunagashi with some ara-nie
Boshi [tip]: suguha
Horimono [carving]: bo-hi ni soe-hi running down into the tang
Nakago [tang]: o-suriage, machi-okuri, kiri-jiri later kiri file marks with three holes
Habaki [collar]: two-piece, gold
Nagasa [length from tip to beginning of tang]: 26 5/8in.(67.7cm.)
In shirasaya [plain wood storage scabbard]

Koshirae [set of mounts]: comprising a black-lacquer saya fitted with a shakudo ishime-ji kozuka with herons in reeds in iroe taka-zogan and a shakudo nanako-ji kogai with a dragon on a Buddhist ken in gold and shakudo taka-zogan, the handle gold cat-scratch pattern; tsuka mounted with shakudo nanako-ji fuchi-gashira with coiling dragons and paulownia leaves, shakudo and gold dragon and ken menuki; shakudo nanako-ji plate tsuba with gold dragons on the rim, 19th century
With Tokubetsu kicho token (Sword especially worthy of preserving) certificate no. 81526 issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (Society for the Preservation of the Japan Art Sword) dated 1964.2.23 (2)

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