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A compton cinema organ

A compton cinema organ
with thirteen ranks, including Krumette by Booths, tonal percussions, 'toy counter', electro-pneumatic action with original relays, modern Midi record and playback system (MDF3 recorder not included) and horseshoe console flanked by illuminated ABC-style 'jellymoulds', on modern hydraulic scissor lift; with a Discus blower and linked Weber Duo-Art upright piano.

See front cover illustration.
This organ was built in 1933 by the John Compton Organ company, originally with two manuals and five ranks and installed in the Granada, Hove. In 1936 it was taken out of the Granada and enlarged to three-manual; the Melotone electro-static generating system was added, and the Tuba extended to 6ft. pitch. The original Chysoglott/vibraphone was removed, as the Melotone produced a similar effect. The organ was then installed at the Regal, Hammersmith, where it remained until 1947. In 1980, it was acquired by Graham Whitehead, enlarged to 13 ranks, the Chysoglott replaced and the piano added. As acquired, the 'jellymoulds' flanking the console are of the ABC pattern rather than the 'waterfall' type fitted in the Granada and Regal installations.

This lot is to be removed from Ashorne Hall entirely at the purchaser's risk and expense, and may not be removed until after 28 March 2004. The services of Paul Camps, who installed the organ, would be available by arrangement for dismantling and re-assembling on the purchaser's behalf.
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