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W & S JONES, 1794

W & S Jones, 1794
Designed for the NEW PORTABLE ORRERIE'S by W. JONES and Made and Sold by W. & S. JONES 30 Holborn LONDON, a 1½-inch globe made up of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores, with overlaid cartouche JONES LONDON, graduated equatorial, ecliptic and one meridian, Tasmania as a peninsula in New Holland, with brass twilight pointer and held above an angled ring to alter the height of the ivory moonball, a secondary ring graduated with the sigils for the houses of the Zodiac, and a disc showing the phases of the moon, on a (working) complex multi-wheeled geared mechanism, at the centre the brass sunball mounted on the central axis, with planet arms for the ivory Mercury and Venus, and brass index pointer; detachable, ivory handled crank handle to mahogany horizon plate with hand-coloured engraved paper, graduated around the red-painted edge with days of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac with names, sigils and pictures, compass directions and degrees of amplitude and azimuth, the inner section with the two trade cartouches held aloft as banners by a pair of cherubim, A TABLE of the principal AFFECTIONS of the PLANETS Jan.y 1.st 1794 Published as the Act directs by W. & S. Jones detailing for each of the six planets nearest the sun for the year 1794 their distance from the sun, solar year, diurnal rotation, diameter and greatest elongation and parallax of those other than the Earth, held aloft by two figures, one reclining on a library globe, also with tables for the revolutions and distances of the satellites of Jupiter and Saturn, with a diagram entitled THE SOLAR SYSTEM with positions for each of the planets and dated from 1796 to 1810, raised on three short baluster-turned legs, with A NEW PORTABLE ORRERY Invented and Made by W. Jones and Sold by him in Holborn. LONDON, the hand-coloured engraved paper dial with calendrical and zodiacal scales, giving seasons, solstices and equinoxes, as well as the sizes of the planets and a comet, with brass arms for ivory planets out to Uranus; contained in original locking mahogany case.
13½in. (34.5cm.) wide in box
Christie's, 3 June 1981, lot 12.
Edinburgh, The Royal Scottish Museum, The Science Gallery, 1961.
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Prospective purchasers are advised that several countries prohibit the importation of property containing materials from endangered species, including but not limited to coral, ivory and tortoiseshell. Accordingly, prospective purchasers should familiarize themselves with relevant customs regulations prior to bidding if they intend to import this lot into another country.

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