A German brass tobacco box
Christie's charges a Buyer's premium calculated at… Read more A COLLECTION OF ISERLOHNER TOBACCO BOXES (LOTS 269-283) Iserlohn (Westfalia) was the centre of production for these distinctive brass tobacco boxes. Inspired by the Dutch engraved brass tobacco boxes, the Iserlohn tobacco boxes were pressed with designs made by the engraver Johann Heinrich Giese (1716 - 1761). Giese was given the sole rights to the production of these tobacco boxes by Frederick the Great in 1755. Later the factory also used engravings by Johann Heinrich Hamer and Johann Adolph Keppelmann. Favoured topics for designs were scenes and victories from the seven Years war (1756 -1762). Several of these boxes also have Dutch inscriptions and must have been made for the dutch market, the theme however was oftentimes still the Seven Years War. Frederick the Great was himself a collector of these boxes (he collected boxes in gold). There are also several examples in the collection of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Huis Doorn. A selection of these boxes has been published in the catalogue of the exhibition Kaiserliches Gold und Silber. Schätze der Hohenzollern aus dem Schloss Haus Doorn Hanau 1985, Hermann Schadt and Ina Schneider, Berlin 1985.
A German brass tobacco box


A German brass tobacco box
Iserlohn, Johann Heinrich Hamer, third quarter 18th Century
The lid with three circular medalions, depicting Empress Maria Theresa, Queen of hungary and bohemia, Duchess of Austria (1717 - 80), her husband Emperor Franz I Stephan (1708 - 65) and in the centre the Austrian double headed eagle, the base decorated with a garden scene and inscribed with a Dutch text and with monogram .I.H.H
16cm. wide
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