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A Group of Military Field Uniform and Equipment

A Group of Military Field Uniform and Equipment An Officer's Service Dress Tunic of the Prince of Wales's Own (West Yorkshire) Regiment, with Captain's badges of rank on shoulder-straps, bearing medal-ribbons of WW1 and WW2; an OR's 1922 Pattern SD tunic of the Royal Fusiliers, in khaki serge, bearing brass grenades and STs on shoulder-straps, regimental buttons and Marksman's badge in brass on left sleeve; two 1908 Pattern webbing waistbelts and a small-pack; a khaki flannel shirt; a pair of Battledress trousers; a khaki denim jacket and trousers, the jacket complete with its detachable plastic buttons and with label dated 1945; two bush-shirts, with a pair of trousers and a pair of shorts, all in khaki drill; a US Serviceman's WW1 tunic in khaki serge with bronze buttons; a pair of brown leather anklets with brass buckles; an untanned leather belt with brass buckle; a set of canvas carrying-straps, possibly for a bedding roll; a khaki large-pack with leather straps (WD stamps inside); a white canvas kitbag with blue stripe and stencilled number 2354797; three other kitbags (two white, one khaki); a blue/white brassard; a WW1 khaki brassard bearing a red cloth Crown; a khaki brassard inscribed LDV; an extensive set of British 1958 Pattern webbing, including waistbelt, yoke, ammunition-pouches, large-pack etc; a set of US Army webbing, including waistbelt, shoulder-braces, large-pack and holdall with waterproof lining, the latter date-stamped 1950; a quantity of 1937 Pattern webbing including a waistbelt, two large-packs, a small-pack, four sets of shoulder-braces, two bayonet-frogs, a handle for an entrenching-tool, a pair of brace-connectors, a pistol-holster; an officer's haversack and leather-covered cane; a binocular-case and two waterbottle-carriers; a set of oblong aluminium mess-tins; a set of oval mess-tins; a canvas holdall (empty), fitted for knife, fork and spoon etc; a rubberised fabric holdall (empty), for washing-kit; an entrenching-tool with folding blade; some items of 1914 Pattern brown leather equipment, including a waistbelt (one rear brace-attachment broken but present), a rifle-sling, a waterbottle-carrier and two pairs of ammunition-pouches; a pocket-compass with brass case, the lid inscribed U.S.C.E.; an unusual brass button-stick entitled THE "NEW PIONEER" EQUIPMENT PROTECTOR, by F. NARBOROUGH, B'HAM; a white WW2 canvas chagul (water-carrier for use in the Middle East); and a Gas-Mask No.4 Mk2, complete with hose, canister and Outfit Anti-Dim, in its canvas haversack (lot)

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