Comprising a huanghuali brush handle, 18th/19th century; a jichimu brush handle, 18th/19th century; a huanghuali circular seal box and cover, 18th century; a burlwood brushwasher, 18th century; an ivory brushrest in the form of mountain peaks, 18th century; a bamboo cylindrical cricket cage carved with a luohan amidst rocks and tendrils of smoke, 17th/18th century; a woven fibre brush; a bone ornament carved in the form of a tied cluster of lotus and pomegranate, 18th/19th century; a carved rootwood fruit, 18th/19th century; and a spotted bamboo and huanghuali scroll weight, 18th/19th century
2½ to 11 5/8in. (6.5 to 29.4cm.) long (10)
Robert P. Piccus, ed., Wood From the Scholar's Table, Chinese Hardwood Carvings and Scholar's Articles, Hong Kong, 1984, pp. 84-85, for the burlwood brushwasher
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