Including an elderly man with a giant toad on his shoulders--4½ in. high; a figure of a farmer with a hoe across his shoulders--3¾ in. high; a man with a basket of fruit in his hands, a child on his back and a snake at his feet--4 in. high; a seated man holding a small statue of Kannon--4 1/8 in. high; a small okimono of a barrel maker--1 7/8 in. high; three figures of farmers--2 3/8 in. high; a patinated figure of a boy standing on a sake barrel--3 in. high; a netsuke carved as an owl amidst pods and branches, with inlaid eyes, signed Gyokuhosai; a figure of laughing Daruma--2 in. high; a netsuke of a karako beating a drum; a seated figure of Shoki--1¼ in. high; a small carving of a boy on the back of a dog--1¾ in. high; a man and a monkey working together--3¾ in. long; small carvings of a farmer with a monkey and shepherd's crook and a seated man pouring sake; together with a white-glazed figure of an Immortal on a wave base--5¼ in. high; and a pottery model of a man and a seated lady--4 3/8 in. high (19)

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