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a large south india bronze figure of sivanataraja


a large south india bronze figure of sivanataraja 18th/19th century Dancing with one leg on apasmarapurusha, who is reclining on a lotus and holding sword and snake, resting on a stepped rectangular base, with holes for poles, his principle hands in abhayamudra and gajahastamudra, both others holding damaru and agni, wearing tiger-skirt, well-bejewelled, including scarf, udarabandha and cobra encircling his wrist, his face with slightly smiling expression, almond-shaped eyes, aquiline nose, elongated earlobes with makara-shaped and pierced circular ear ring, his hairdress in topknot moulded with flowers and a snake encircling a skull, his horizontal extended wavy hairstrings moulded with the worshipping goddes Ganga and half-moon emblem, behind a large flaming aureol issued by a pair of makaras 124 cm high

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