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A Merrythought Mrs Twisty Cheeky

A Merrythought Mrs Twisty Cheeky
with golden mohair head, amber and black plastic eyes, wide apart ears, velvet cut muzzle, black stitched 'button' nose and smiling mouth, blue fabric body, white cloth paws, large black cloth clown-like feet, red cloth skirt and white cloth apron and label stitched to base of right foot --10in. (25.5cm.) tall, circa 1966

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The Magic of Merrythought, John Axe, p.38

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Mr and Mrs Twisty Cheeky formed part of a range of comical, dressed, standing toys that were heralded, in 1965, by Mr and Mrs Twisty Bear, who could be 'twisted' into different positions with the aid of an internal wire frame.

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