CIRCA 1838
Each with etched glass shade and columnar stem on stepped base, one embossed with Russian inscription Sysoev/founded 1838/in Moscow and with a depiction of the Kremlin, one with stamped numbers 925i and 146 embossed with Russian inscription Sysoev/with thanks/in Moscow and with cypher of Nicholas I with painted inventory numbers 79/44/1 and 79/44/2
19in. (48cm.) high (2)

Lot Essay

These lamps were perhaps a gift to a member of the Sysoev family from Czar Nicolas I (1796-1855), whose insignia is impressed in the stamp. They were possiblly given in gratitude for a service rendered in conjunction with the foundation of the new Kremlin Palace which was completed in 1849. The Kremlin Palace had suffered serious damage during the invasion of Moscow by Napoleon in 1812, and in 1838 Nicolas I initiated a major rebuilding project. The Russian neoclassical architect Konstantine Thon (1794-1881), a student of Andrei Voronikhin carried out the commission to build a splendid residence that would unite previous structures with a new modern building, which is depicted on the base of these candlesticks.

The first member of the Sysoev family to be ennobled was Petr Sysoev who entered service in 1739 and was promoted to State Councilor in 1785. In 1786 he was decorated with the Order of St. Vladimir, 3rd Class and on September 30, 1802 he was granted the rank of nobility with a diploma.

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