A rare Steiff Record Teddy

A rare Steiff Record Teddy
with light tan mohair, black shoe button eyes, pronounced clipped snout, black horizontally stitched nose, mouth and claws, swivel head, felt pads and button in ear, seated on a four-wheeled wooden cart with wooden wheels stamped STEIFF, seat with bellows and metal frame --10in. (25.5cm.) tall, circa 1913 (bellows inoperative, slight wear to wheels)

See Front Cover

Button In ear, Jurgen & Marianne Cieslik, page 95 & 96
4th Teddy Bear and Friends, Linda Mullins, page 84

Lot Essay

The Record Animals were first introduced in 1912 with a monkey, Record Peter. The popular Record series was produced in a variety of animals. The most desireable of all being the teddy bear, introduced in 1913.
When pulled, the teddy bear moves backwards and forwards, creating the appearance the bear is steering himself.

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