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Of slender waisted drop shape, the interior well-hollowed and the stone with an attractive buff finish, stopper
2 7/8in. (7.2cm.) high

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For two other jade examples of similar type, one white, the other spinach jade, see A Congregation of Snuff Bottle Connoisseurs, Hong Kong, 1996, Catalogue, An Exhibition of Chinese Snuff Bottles at the Tsui Musuem of Art, pp. 120-121, no. 140 from the Man Lung and Flora Hung Collection and pp. 144-145, no. 175 from the Humphrey K.F. Hui Collection (attributed to the Beijing Palace Workshops)

Bottles of this delicate shape belong to a group known as meiren hu (elegant lady bottle) for its resemblance to the body line of a lady balancing on bound feet

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