A similar lot
one of a father sitting with a baby on his knee, his foot on a stool, pulling a tab moves father's arm and with a sponge wipes the baby's face, verse My thick headed molly,/Now is it not folly/To act thus the part of a mother?/Put on the childs clout,/Your dear wife is out/Of babies you'll soon have another!; another of a well-dressed man standing with cigar in one hand and umbrella in the other, lifting figure reveals him standing in more ordinary clothes, verse On Sunday you look very nice I must say,/But on Monday you have to put your things away/For on Saturday night if you've got any tin,/....; another of a cleaner with a mop and bucket in hand, her dress and head swing from side to side, verse What do you look at did you never/See a lady? well if ever/Arn't my bonnet to your liking,/Arn't my tosso werry striking/... - all approx 5½ X 8in. 14 X 20cm., circa 1860

See Colour Plate 1 (3)

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