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A Steiff 'Tucky' turkey
with brown tipped mohair body, red and blue velvet head and neck, beige felt fanned tail and wings with sprayed stencil markings, black bead eyes and brown wire legs --4in. (10cm.) tall, circa 1952; a Steiff 'Adebar' stork, with white felt body, black felt feather tail, brown and black glass eyes, orange plastic beak and orange wire legs --7in. (18cm.) tall, circa 1954; a Steiff dromedary, with cream plush body, cream velvet face and legs, felt ears and black bead eyes --5½in. (14cm.) tall, 1950s; a Steiff donkey, cream and grey velvet covered with airbrushed features and black glass eyes --5in. (13cm.) long, 1950s; a Steiff 'Coco' baboon, with grey mohair, cream felt face and ears, red felt bottom, grey felt hands and feet, green and black glass eyes and original collar --6in. (14cm.), circa 1951; a Steiff fawn, velvet covered and black bead eyes --4½in. (11.5cm.) tall, circa 1950; a Steiff lamb; a Steiff lion cub; a Steiff elephant; and a Hermann Zotty teddy bear, with cream tipped beige mohair, deep amber and black glass eyes, clipped plush cut muzzle, brown stitched nose and mouth outline, cream open mouth and pads, swivel head, jointed limbs and growler --14in. (35.5cm.) tall, 1950s

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