By Magnus Tieffenbruch the Younger, repaired by Joseph Joachim Edlinger
Labelled 'Magno dieffopruchar a venetia' and 'Josephus Joachimus Edlinger/me Reparavit Prag An:1732', the body of eleven ebony ribs with intervening ivory stringing is very fine, as is the table set with a triple rose with a double-headed eagle. The back of the neck and pegbox decorated with ivory strapwork, and the reflexed pegbox are possibly replacements made by Edlinger. The thirteen courses of strings comprise eleven double courses and two single courses
36 in. (91.3 cm.) long overall; the string 29.5/8 in. (75.1 cm.) long
Rothschild inv. no. AR969.

Lot Essay

Magnus Tieffenbrucker the younger (fl. 1589-1621) worked in Venice and came from an extensive family of stringed instrument makers of German origin.

The Edlinger family were principally violin makers but were known for altering and repairing earlier stringed instruments. Joseph Joachim Edlinger (1693-1748) is known to have visited Venice to study violin making.

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