An armorial 'Van Reverhorst' soup-plate
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An armorial 'Van Reverhorst' soup-plate

CIRCA 1745

An armorial 'Van Reverhorst' soup-plate
Circa 1745
Enamelled in blue, green, black, iron-red and gilt with the coat-of arms of Van Reverhorst with coronet and crest, surrounded by smaller arms of the families Van Reverhorst, De Winter, Vereyck and De Bruyn to the left, and Schrevelius, Peenen, Groenedijk and de Vroede to the right, within a gilt and iron-red shell scroll border, restored
23.4 cm. diam.
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Lot Essay

The arms are those of the Van Reverhorst family from the Hague (Netherlands). It is the only known example of Chinese armorial porcelain which depicts the coat-of-arms of the eight great-grandparents. This service was probably commissioned by Adriaan van Revenhorst (1720-1751) who was a VOC (Dutch East India Company) merchant at Canton.
It has hitherto been assumed that the service was commissioned by his older brother Theodorus (1706-1758), who was a member of the Court of Justice in Batavia for the VOC from 1735 till 1752. Dr. J. Kroes points out that it is more likely to be Adriaan van Reverhorst who commissioned the service as he was stationed in Canton.
For further background information, see an article by Dr. J. Kroes in 'De Nederlandsche Leeuw', November-December 1998, nr. 11-12, Unieke typen van Chinees wapenporselein van Nederlandse families, serviezen met kwartierwapens van de families Van Reverhorst, Feith en Van Hardenbroek, p.305-322. See also D. Howard & J. Ayers, China for the West, London, 1978, vol.II, p. 400-401, pl. 398.

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