THE SEXTON BLAKE LIBRARY The Sexton Blake Library published digest-sized chronicles, recounting the exploits of this famous fictional detective and his youthful assistant Tinker, from 1915 until 1970. As the third series (1941 - 63) progressed a variety of illustrators contributed cover designs notably Reginald Heade and David Wright. By 1957 the library had turned to the continent, to agencies such as the Milan studio of Piero and Renaldo D'Ani. The subsequent work of illustrators like Fratini, Carcupino, and De Seta brought new colour and composition to the book covers.


The Prisoner in the Hold
by Anthony Parsons
The Sexton Blake Library No.333 : 1933

gouache on card
L.360 x 282mm.

and The Mystery of the Vanished Trainer, The Sexton Blake Library No.335. (2)

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