A photograph album compiled by Ian MacLaren, dated 'Jan 9th 1920. Friday' and addressed 'Ian MacLaren Esq./Old Buckingham/Attleborough/Norfolk' with added note: 'Photos of all sizes'. 4to (189 x 223mm), 32ll., containing over 200 mounted photographs, many featuring his father, Archie MacLaren, at different stages of his life, the majority small snapshots but also including larger prints (up to 160 x 208mm), some captions in white either below or on image. (Some fading, two photos removed, one photo of W.G. Grace replaced with a later copy.) Original red half roan with printed label 'MacLaren' on upper cover (worn).

A very personal album, showing Ian MacLaren's closeness to his great father, Archibald Cambell MacLaren (1871-1944), 'the true model of the classic batsman'. It shows their life at home at 'Old Buckenham' and demonstrates Archie's passion for cricket, motor-racing, cycling, flying, shooting and fishing, and big game hunting in India. The cricket-related autographs include those taken on tour in Australia, 1901/02 and in Australia and New Zealand, 1922/23. Archie MacLaren and R.H. Spooner are seen beneath the scoreboard at Liverpool in 1903, Archie with Ranji and others in 1909, and with W.G. Grace at Notts in 1914. Other cricketers featured are Fry, Patterson, Quaife, Lilley, Fender, A.E.R. Gilligan, Hugh Trumble in Australia, Lord Tennyson, Beldam, Carr, and Herbie Taylor of South Africa. The album also depicts teams and matches played in MacLaren's later years.

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