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LIVINGSTONE, David (1813-73). An autograph letter to Mr. Stacey, dated 2 February 1857, 57 Sloane St., saying he regrets that the telescope being forwarded to him has gone astray ("I would not have it lost for anything"), and also asking for a gold watch to be brought to him, 4pp., 8°, tipped into a 36pp. autograph album, also containining a letter from Anthony TROLLOPE (1815-82) to an unidentified correpondent, dated Wallham Oct. 26 '69, saying he will be "happy" to attend a committeee meeting on 30th November, one page, and a cut-out autograph note in the hand of Elizabeth FRY (1780-1845), dated Feb. 6th 1842, both pasted in, sm. 4°, contemporary brown half morocco, together with 2 similarly bound but only partly-filled autograph albums, contained in a red morocco case (worn). Also included in the lot are a folio autograph album, relating mainly to 19th century nobility and politicians, including including 4 lines in the hand of Benjamin FRANKLIN (1706-90), cut from a larger document; a manuscript note signed by Michael FARADAY (1791-1867); the first 2pp. only of a letter from Robert SOUTHEY (1774-1843) to an unidentified correspondent, dated Keswick Feb. 20th, 1833, discussing the misfortunes of the Danvers family; the cut out autograph of Thomas DE QUINCEY (1785-1859); a letter from the "yearly meeting at Virginia ... to the yearly meeting of friends in London, dated 20th May 1802, signed Mieajah Crew "the pleasures of a seducing world, and the deceitfulness of riches having prevailed over many minds to their great loss," and "the unnecessary use of intoxicating liquors," and expressing concern for "the lot of slavery," with 4 others of related interest loosely-inserted, contemporary half morocco (covers detached). (4)

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