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A group of fourteen vintage baseball programs including: 1890 New Haven vs. Newark; 1898 Boston vs. Cleveland (Hamilton, Duffy, Collins, Willis); 1900 Rochester vs. Montreal (Benckett, Wallace); 1902 Boston vs. Cleveland (Collins, Young, Lajoie, Fleich, Joss); 1906 Boston vs. Washington (tack hole); 1907 Boston (n) vs. St. Louis; 1908 Reach's All American Baseball team vs. Local Teams for tour of Japan, China, Phillipines and Hawaii, one of the first Asia tours including players from the Major Leagues and PLC, a 1909 Boston (A) vs. St. Louis, an unusual scorecard/program published by Baseball Magazine including the lineups and excerpted articles from Baseball Magazine including one on the 1908 Asian tour abovementioned; 1910 Boston (A) vs. Chicago; 1911 Boston (A) vs. Detroit; 1911 Boston (A) vs. N.Y.; 1916 Detroit vs. N.Y.; 1919 Salt Lake Bees (PCL) vs. LA picturing all players; 1919 Cincinati vs. Pittsburg with team pictures of the championship team.

between good and very good and excellent and are scored. Many have pencil notations on cover. (15)

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