CHANG YOONG CHIA (Malaysian, B. 1975)
CHANG YOONG CHIA (Malaysian, B. 1975)

Love at First Sight

CHANG YOONG CHIA (Malaysian, B. 1975)
Love at First Sight
54 postage stamps and adhesive collage
each: 3 x 2.5 cm. (1 1/8 x 6/8 in.)
Executed in 2011
Private Collection, Malaysia
Richard Koh Fine Art, The World is Flat, Singapore, 2011 (illustrated, unpaged).
Singapore, Richard Koh Fine Art, The World is Flat, 12 August - 2 September 2011.
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Please note that edition number is 3/3.

Lot Essay

In this series of 54 postage stamps, Chang Yoong Chia tells his own unique version of the genesis of modern society. A play on the biblical story of Adam and Eve, the traditional narrative is interrupted by explicit references to the histories of colonialism and capitalism. The initial reference of Christian religion is transformed into a commentary on the worship and idolatry of Western commercial culture. A story that is specific to the artist's own national history as a previous member of the British Commonwealth, it is also a more general statement on the state of Western cultural hegemony. With its witty, humorous tone, Chang presents us with his frank view of history.
Executed entirely through collage of the Malaysian 30 cent postage stamp, this is a work that displays fine craftsmanship and an impressive attention to detail on a miniature scale. The use of the stamp also serves as a further symbolic reference to the circulation of national identity as affixed to the design of a nation's postage stamps. This is a playful work that reveals a deeper meaning and reflection on modern society.

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