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Corgi USA Cars:
pale grey/blue 445 Plymouth Sports Suburban with red roof, beige 219 Plymouth Sports Suburban with tan roof, gold 211S Studebaker Golden Hawk, metallic grey Ford Thunderbird with red roof, pale blue Chevrolet Corvair, metallic pink Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray, metallic blue Oldsmobile Super 88, metallic blue Oldsmobile Toronado, two Ford Thunderbirds, one red and one white, dark red Chrysler Imperial, two Chevrolet Impala Taxis, one red and yellow and one yellow, tan Chevrolet Impala with cream roof, red Marlin Rambler (E), gold Buick Riviera, US Mail Plymouth Sports Suburban (G), light blue Studebaker Golden Hawk, pale blue Chevrolet Impala (F-G), Bermuda Taxi (G, lacks canopy) and Chipperfields (P, lacks dogs and figure) (22)

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