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DELAMARCHE, Charles-François, paris, 1786

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DELAMARCHE, Charles-François, paris, 1786

DELAMARCHE, Charles-François, paris, 1786 A PARIS Chez le ssrDelamarche, ingr.rGeog.Rue de Foin, près celle de la Harpe, au Colége de M.treGervais. Avec Privilige du Roi 1786 A fine and rare 10-inch (25.4cm.) diameter terrestrial table globe made up of twelve finely engraved hand-coloured gores, the equatorial and prime meridian graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the houses of the Zodiac with names and sigils, the meridian running through Fero and labelled Premier Méridien par où on commence à conter les Dégrez de Longitude, the decorative maker's cartouche in the southern Atlantic flanked by two figures, one with a telescope, a second larger cartouche in the southern Pacific Dédié et présenté A MONSEIGNEUR BERTIN Ministre Ministre et Sécretaire d'Etat Corrigé et augmenté des découverts du Capitaine Cook et de son Voyage depuis le 1.er Sept. 1776 jusqu'au 14 Fev. 1779, époque de sa mort à l'Isle Owhyhee, presented on a drape held aloft by two putti and surmounted by a coat of arms, at the bottom various scientific instruments including a globe, flanked on one side by a European female with long pipe, a seated black slave and a crocodile, on the other by a churchman, a robed female and the heads of a camel and a horse, the oceans with two wind roses, one in the Indian Ocean with eight wind names in Italian, one in the Pacific with sixteen wind names in French and a note Noms modernes des 8. principaux Vents sur l'ocean au nombre de 32., a note in the northern Pacific reading OBSERVATION Les Longitudes et Latitudes des Villes marquées par une Etoille, ont été levées pr des Acadamiciens Français, celles qui le sont par une Croix l'ont été par des Astronomes Etrangers et celles qui n'ont aucune marque ont été déterminées d'après les meilleures Cartes Nationalles, the oceans further showing the tracks of Captain Cook's voyages with various dates, and other details such as in the Atlantic Le Grand Banc, a picture of a sailing ship, ISLES DU CAP VERD Découvertes l'An 1460, I. S.te Helene 1610, Amérie Vespuez est venu jusqu'ici le 3 avril 1503, C. de la Circoncision dec. en 1739 and Antæciens de Paris, in the Indian Ocean Banc découvert par les Hollandois, Isles desertes vue par M. Marion en 1772, B de l'Oiseau vue par M. de Kerguelen en 1772, a picture of a sailing ship and a table for Valeur des Dég. de Longit. rélativem.t à la haut.r de chaque parallelle, un dég. de la terre évalué à 57074. toises, the Pacific with Perioeciens de Paris, Hawaii with Terre vue par Mendan and Owhyhee où le Cap. Cook a été tué le 14 Fevrier 1779., further with a picture of a sailing ship and I. S.t Charles cy-dev.t de Davis and P.t découv.t par Drake, the Antarctic labelled POLE ANTARCTIQUE, OU POINT DU MIDY., with pictorial representation of the Glaces and one small section of coastline to the South-West of Tierra del Fuego marked Terre vue en 1774 (by Cook), the continents finely drawn and detailed with nation states hand-outlined in green and red and showing cities, and towns, some marked with a star or a cross, rivers and mountains in pictorial relief, Asia showing PETITE TARTARIE, GRANDE TARTARIE, TARTARIE CHINOISE, TARTARES OCCIDENTAUX, LA PERSIE, ETATS DU GRAND MOGOL, ARABIE HEUREUSE and the Chinese Wall, Africa with BARBARIE, BILEDULGERID, SAARA ou LE DESERT, Cote des Graines, Cote des Dents, Cote d'Or, M.s de la Lune, M.tt de Lupata ou l'Epine du Monde, CAFRERIA, HOTENTOTS and other details, Polynesia with some incomplete portions of coastline, new Guinea with no eastern coastline, Australia labelled NOUVELLE HOLLANDE and shown joined to T. de Diemen, the islands of New Zealand labelled Nomaye and Tav Poenamoo, North America with no northern coastline, notes such as Eskimaux, Pays des Eskimaux, Côte vue par Tszirikouv, R. courant à l'Ouest and Apaches, Greenland shown joined to north-eastern Canada and with no northern coastline, Spitzbergen with Terre vue en 1707 (several very neat repairs with minimal loss of detail, minor signs of old abrasion) the meridian circle edged in red and with an iron index mounted at the North Pole (hour dial missing) painted green on one side, the hand-coloured engraved paper applied to the other graduated in degrees and labelled MÉRIDIEN and Dégrés d'Elevation du Pole, with scales for climates and hours and length of days, the wooden horizon ring edged in red, the hand-coloured engraved paper graduated in degrees, next showing days of the houses of the Zodiac with names, sigils and finely engraved pictorial representations, next with days of the month with names and the solstices and equinoxes marked, next with thirty-two compass directions in French and sixteen wind names in Italian, raised on four curved quadrant supports edged in red, each with one side painted green, the other with engraved paper applied with the latitudes and longitudes of forty-six cities and towns (see below), raised on an ebonised baluster-turned column and circular plinth base (worm holes and repainted) -- 21¼in. (54cm.) high See Colour Illustration and Details
DEKKER, E., Globes at Greenwich (Oxford, 1999)
DEKKER, E., and van der KROGT, P., Globes from the Western World (London, 1993)
van der KROGT, P., Old Globes in the Netherlands (Utrecht, 1984)
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Charles-François Delamarche (1740-1817) was the most successful French cartographer and globe-maker of the late eighteenth century. Beginnning his globe-making career around 1770, he styled himself the "successeur de MM. Sanson et Robert de Vaugondi, Géographes du Roi et de M. Fortiin, Ingénieur-mécanicien du Roi pour les globes et les sphères". The work shop of Jean-Baptiste Fortin (1750-1831) was subsumed into the Delamarche concern in 1795, as was part of the workshop of the late Robert de Vaugondy (1723-1786), grandson of the abovementioned Nicolas Sanson (1600-1667), the renowned cartographer. Later Delamarche would add the stock of Jean Lattré (fl.1750-1800), including the well-known globes designed by hydrographer Rigobert Bonne (1727-1795) and astronomer Joseph-Jérôme de Lalande (1732-1807).

Delamarche was the first French globe-maker to aim his product squarely at the commercial market. He succeeded largely through a combination of fine cartography and detail (although - bizarrely - he entirely ignored the work of astronomer Abbé Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille who, in 1754, had presented a celestial map to the Acadamie Française including fourteen new - and quickly accepted - constellations) coupled with attractive but cheaply produced globes. One notable innovation in this direction was, in place of the more usual but more expensive brass meridian and horizon rings, to make them of wood or even stiff card. They would then be applied with paper showing the graduations and other details, and finished in the distinctive Delamarche edging with red paint.

Delamarche initially produced globes of 7, 9½, 13 and 25-inch diameters, as well as a number of different armillary spheres, which contained his special 2-inch diameter terrestrial globe. In 1791 he published his useful manual les Usages de la sphère, et des globes céleste et terrestre.

The company was based in Rue de Foin St Jacques "au Collège Me. [or "Mtre"] Gervais" in the Latin Quarter of Paris until 1805 when it moved to 13, rue du Jardinet. On Charles-François' death in 1817, the reins of the company where taken up by his son, Félix, who continued to publish prolifically, often in co-operation with engraver Charles Dien Snr, whose son Charles (1809-1870) went on to become another important name in the nineteenth-century French globe business. The firm moved first to 13 rue du Jardinet in 1835 and some time shortly thereafter to 7 rue du Battoir. Manager Gosselin eventually took over the concern in 1848, and in 1851 moved it to 25 rue Serpente where it continued to publish a variety of globes under the Delamarche name.

NOMS des principx. Lieuz de la Terre avec leurs Latitudes et Longitudes
Latitudes Longit.s
Acapulco 17...30.S. 85...35.Oc.
Agra 26...43.S. 94...24.Or.
Aléxandrie 31...1.S. 47...57.Or.
Alger 36...49.S. 19...53.Or.
Batavia 6...15.M. 124...0.Or.
Berlin 52...32.S. 31...6.Or.
Bordeaux 44...50.S. 17....5.Or.
Boston 42....25.S. 52...5.Oc.
Buenos Ayres 34....35.M. 40....51.Oc.
C. de B. Espérance 33...55.M. 36...4.Or.
Cayenne 4...56.S. 34...35.Oc.
Constantinople 41...0.S. 46...24.Or.
Copenhague 55...40.S. 30...25.Or.
Edembourg 55...58.S. 14....35.Or.
Gênes 44...25.S. 26...16.Or.
Goa 15...31.S. 91...25.Or.
Ispaham 32...25.S. 70...30.Or.
Jérusalem 31...50.S. 53...0.Or.
Kéber 46...55.S. 52...13.Oc.
Lima 12...1.M. 59...10.Oc.
Lisbone 38...42.S. 8...42.Or.
Londres 51...31.S. 17...35.Or.
La Conception 36...42.M. 55...0.Oc.
Madrid 40...25.S. 13...45.Or.
Malaca 2...12.S. 110...45.Or.
Manille 14...30.S. 138...0.Or.
Marseille 43...17.S. 23...2.Or.
Mexico 20...0.S. 86...0.Oc.
Moskou 55...45.S. 55...20.Or.
Nankin 32...4.S. 136...3.Or.
Olinde 8...13.M. 17...30.Or.
Orléans 47...54.S. 19...34.Or.
Paris 48...50.S. 20...0.Or.
Pékin 39...54.S. 134...3.Or.
Pondichéri 11...56.S. 97...37.S.
Porto Belo 9...33.S. 62...10.Oc.
Rio Janiero 22...34.M. 25...5.Oc.
Rome 41...53.S. 30...9.Or.
Stokolm 59...20.S. 35...43.Or.
Surate 21...10.S. 90...0.Or.
S.t Petersbourg 59...56.S. 48...0.Or.
Tobolsk 58...12.S. 86...5.Or.
Tripoli 32...53.S. 30...45.Or.
Valparaiso 33...0.M. 54...39.Oc.
Varsovie 52.14.S. 38...45.Or.
Vienne 48...12.S. 34...2.Or.



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