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Harrison Ford/Indiana Jones
A hand-made sixteen-plait bull-whip of kangaroo hide with 106in. (2.69m.) long lash -- used by Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in all three Steven Spielberg/George Lucas adventure films Raiders Of The Lost Ark, 1981, Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, 1984 and Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, 1989; accompanied by a typescript note on Harrison Ford personalised stationery...This bullwhip was used by me during the making of the "Indiana Jones" films, signed in black ink Harrison Ford (3)
Harrison Ford originally donated this bull-whip to the Institute of Archeology in London to help raise funds for building a new Centre for Conservation and Museum Science at Univerity College, London University. It was sold through these rooms on Thursday, 20th December, 1990.
McKENZIE, Alan The Harrison Ford Story, Zomba Books, 1986, p.61

Lot Essay

Indiana Jones' bull-whip played a significant role in all three Spielberg/Lucas adventure films, saving Jones' life on several occasions and becoming his trademark. Harrison Ford, fresh from the Star Wars adventures, wanted to avoid any elements in the role that might be similar to Han Solo, and comparing the two characters said, unlike Solo, Jones did not have any fancy gadgetry to hand...he's right out there with just his battered trilby and a bull-whip to keep the world at bay...

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