ZHANG DAQIAN (1899-1983)
LOTS 3068-3069 FROM AN AMERICAN CHINESE COLLECTOR Zhang Daqian and the maternal grandfather of the present owner were from the same town: Neijiang in Sichuan Pronvince. Though Zhang was eighteen years his junior, their shared township origins served as a connecting point for the two men in their later lives. Additionally, Grandfather Wang was an avid patron of the arts, and often would gather artists in his home, which Zhang Daqian was a part of. When recollecting events during her high school and college years, Wang's daughter Wang Hung-Dju (Hannah Phang) would remember those gatherings with fondness, and recalled the mutual respect Zhang and her father had for each other. When Zhang Daqian was residing in Carmel, California, (1967-1978), he took the time to travel to Southern California to visit the Wang family home in Alhambra, and the Wang's visited Zhang Daqian's home in Carmel in 1973. It was during the timeframe of these visits that White Lotus was painted and addressed to Wang Hung-Dju (Hannah Phang). Peak of Mount Emei was commissioned from Huang Junbi by Dr. and Mrs. Samuel. Their relationship was initiated from the occasions when local Los Angeles ladies would open their homes to host a dinner gathering for visiting artists of note. Being one of the group's leaders, Hannah Phang made the arrangements to bring key art-interested contacts to just such a soiree featuring Huang Junbi. It was held in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel and Hannah Phang and their relationship with Huang remained warm throughout the years. And it was at one of these in-home dinner and demonstration occasions that Peak of Mount Emei was commissioned by them.
HUANG JUNBI (1898-1991)

Peak of Mount Emei

HUANG JUNBI (1898-1991)
Peak of Mount Emei
Entitled, inscribed and signed, with three seals of the artist
Dated summer, wuxu year (1958)
Scroll, mounted and framed, ink and colour on paper
56 x 119 cm. (22 x 46 7/8 in.)
20th Century


Yanie Choi
Yanie Choi