Lektsii o rabote glavnykh pishchevaritel'nykh zhelez. [Lectures on the function of the principal digestive glands.] St. Petersburg: I.N. Kushnerev and Company, 1897. 8° (182 x 125mm). 16 engraved diagrams, one of these full-page. (Occasional light spotting, small repair in one margin.) Contemporary Russian blue morocco-backed cloth (corners rubbed). Provenance: I.M. (binding).

FIRST EDITION OF PAVLOV'S CELEBRATED LECTURES,'perhaps the greatest contribution to our knowledge of the physiology of digestion' (Garrison-Morton), for which Pavlov won the Nobel Prize in 1904. Lektsii contains the first demonstration of what Pavlov later named the 'conditioned reflex'. Pavlov's great achievement as a physiologist was to replace the traditional vivisectionist approach (which studied discrete elements of an organism in isolation), with a methodology which viewed the organism as an entity whose elements functioned together and were influenced by each other, and which was, in turn, influenced by its environment. Garrison-Morton 1022; Grolier Science, 83; Grolier Medicine, 85; PMM 385.

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