JOHN LOGIE BAIRD (1888-1946)
A two-page typed letter, signed, from Baird Television Development Company, Limited., 133, Long Acre, W.C.2, 13th February 1929, to H.W. Engholm, reporting on the potential market for television in England: "We showed our machines at the Radio Exhibition in September last, and booked a number of very big orders, but were unable to execute these orders, as the B.B.C. have not, so far, given us facilities for broadcasting, and they, as you know, have a monopoly of the ether in this country. We have, however, been sending out experimental transmissions after mid-night in continuance of our research work, our first television broadcasts being in 1926, as you will remember, when we received images at Harrow, but that is one thing and a public service is quite another ... These orders were booked on the understanding that they would only be executed as and when we had facilities from the B.B.C ... we are now on the verge of obtaining these facilities, and all will then, I think, be plain sailing."

Provenance: A letter of provenance from the vendor states: "My father was a personal friend of Mr. Baird and they had both been trying for many years to pioneer television and unfortunately nobody would take them seriously as most big concerns regarded it as only a gimmick."

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