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JOSLIN, Gilman, Boston Joslin's TERRESTRIAL GLOBE containing all THE LATEST DISCOVERIES AND Geographical Improvements, also the tracks of the most celebrated Circumnavigators. Compiled from Smith's new English Globe, with additions and Improvements by Annin & Smith. Revised by G.W. Boynton. Manufactured by Gilman Joslin, Boston [c.1850] A 12-inch (30.5cm.) diameter terrestrial table globe made up of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores and two polar calottes each with an engraved hour dial, the equatorial graduated with hours in two directions, minutes and degrees, the Greenwich meridian ungraduated, the anti-meridian graduated in degrees, the ecliptic graduated in days of the month and of the houses of the Zodiac with names for the former and symbols for the latter, the oceans with a coloured analemma and the tracks of numerous explorers including Cook, Wilkes, Gore, Vancouver, De La Perouse and Clerke, with notes such as Rose Galley's Rocks, French Shoal, U.S. Exploring Expedn. Wilkes in the Vincennes Outward Sept. 1828 and Here Columbus first landed 12 Octr.1492, the Antarctic with some coastline and notes including Mt.Terror, Capt. J. Weddell R.N. reached this point 1823 and Land discovered by Capt. Wilkes of the U.S. Ship Vincennes, the Arctic showing Dr Hayes farthest, the continents with nation states variously and delicately coloured and showing towns, cities, rivers, mountains, China showing the Great Wall and a Barrier of Stakes, Australia with six states and labelled Formerly called New Holland, Tasmania labelled VAN DIEMEN'S LAND OR TASMANIA, the islands of New Zealand labelled NEW ULSTER, NEW MUNSTER and New Leinster, Africa showing some detail in the Interior, BILED UL GERID OR LAND OF DATES, Denham's Route and other details, North America with the territories of various Native tribes, Alaska showing Boundary settled 1825 and Russian Fact'y (surface abrasions and discolouration, approx.3in. dia. repair to South Atlantic with little detail loss, small cracks at North Pole), with brass arrow pointer at the North Pole and engraved brass meridian circle, the oak horizon with hand-coloured engraved paper circle showing degrees in both directions, wind directions, days of the houses of the Zodiac with symbols, names and decorative pictures, days of the month with names and edged in red (rubbing, red paint loss, separation of wood at joins NE and SW) on a cast iron stand with three curved quadrant supports and a low tripod base with fluted and foliate decoration -- 18in. (46.3cm.) high See Colour Illustration and Detail

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