Letters to and from the Audubons
1820 - 1851
THE AUDUBONS AND THEIR CIRCLE. A collection of twelve letters and documents relative to the publications, family and associates of John James Audubon, various places, 1820 to 1851.

12 pieces, various sizes ranging from 98 x 98mm to 247 x 197mm (occasional mounting remnants on verso, marginal seal tears, but fine condition overall).

[Includes:] AUDUBON, John James (1785-1851). ALS to William Farrell, [n.p.,] 3 January 1835. Delaying a personal meeting, but in the "Meantime, I send you the Specimen which you [are] so kindly looking over." Provenance: Hugh Gladstone to T. Gilbert Pearson, Dumfries, Scotland, June 1923 (inscription at lower left corner). – BACHMAN, John (1790-1874). ALS to Victor [Audubon], Charleston, 28 January 1851. Bachman asks about whether the text describing an unnamed animal "should be described in the third vol where the figures appear." Unaware of the death of the recipient's father the previous day, he writes that he had read John Woodhouse Audubon's "notes on the habits of the Black tailed deer of California[.] They are more satisfactory than any he has hitherto sent — still not quite full enough — wherein so they differ in gait from the common Deer." He also adds that he had read the "proof of the Moose," and promising to send his edits the next day. – AUDUBON, John Woodhouse (1812-1862). Signature ("J. W. Audubon") and two lines in his hand on a 38 x 195mm mounted slip. – BAIRD, Spencer Fullerton (1823-1887). ALS to Victor G. Audubon, Washington, 13 November 1850. Baird advises he had recently received a copy of the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, "directed to your father" and asking the best means of forwarding while asking if he had "published any numbers of the 'Quadrupeds' later than 5?" – HALL, Basil (1788-1844). ALS to "Mr. Clark[,] Engraver", Edinburgh, 23 February 1827. A letter of introduction for John James Audubon to an engraver, whom Hall describes as "an American Gentleman who has been residing at this place for some Months, & in whom I am much interested. He intends publishing a work on the Birds of America, & it will give me great pleasure if you can be of any use to him … Mr. Audubon intends, I believe, to exhibit his immense collection of drawings, " and asking if Clark "can assist him with your advice as to the selection of a room, or as to any of the details with which he as a stranger, cannot be suffered to be well informed…" – McCOWN, John Porter (1815-1879). ALS to John Woodhouse Audubon, Baltimore, 31 July 1850. 1p. 248 x 193mm) with integral address panel. Arranging a visit to New York. – PARKMAN, George (1790-1849). ALS to Victor Audubon, Boston, 18 May 1833. A wide-ranging letter discussing the benefits of visiting London in the off season, the rise of the industrial centers in the north of England and his hopes that slavery would soon be abolished in Britain's colonies. – HENSLOW, John Stevens (1796-1861). ALS to [John James] Audubon, Cambridge, 11 March 1828. The English botanist and geologist writes enclosing a check for the fifth installment of Audubon's Birds for the Cambridge Philosophical Society. – SWAINSON, William John (1789-1855). ALS, to John James Audubon, Tittenhanger [sic] Green, 20 April 1828. Advising Audubon on various coach lines from London in the event he decides "to favour us with a visit," for a personal viewing of "the Portfolio…" – BONAPARTE, Charles Lucien (1803-1857). ALS to William Signore, Rome, 4 June 1836. A letter carried by "Signor Audubon." – MORTON, Samuel George (1799-1851). Concluding portion of an ALS to John James Audubon, n.p., n.d. – GASTON, William [?]. Endorsement to Victor S. Audubon on the verso of a portion of a bill of exchange, n.p., n.d.

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