(B. 1956)
The Shepherdess of Guishan
oil on masonite
82 x 40 cm. (32 1/4 x 15 3/4 in.)
Painted in 1984
Hanart TZ Gallery/Xin Dong Cheng Publishing House, Mao Xuhui, Beijing, China, 2005 (illustrated, p. 56).
Red Bridge Gallery, Road: Mao Xuhui's Drawing Course (1973-2007) , Shanghai, China, 2008 (illustrated, p. 322).
Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House, Road: Mao Xuhui's Drawing Course, Shanghai, China, 2008 (illustrated, p. 323).
Culture and Art Publishing House, Mao Xuhui, Beijing, China, 2010 (illustrated, p. 285).

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