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MONROE, Marilyn.
Autograph letter signed ("Norma Jean"), and initialled ("N.J.") after the postscript, to Grace McKee Goddard, [Los Angeles], Monday, February 16, 1943. 5 pages, quarto, in her distinctive printed, pencilled script. Grace Goddard was Marilyn's last legal guardian after her mother was confined to an institution. In this rare, lengthy and extraordinary letter, 16-year old Marilyn writes, among other things, of the possibility of finally meeting her real father.
Against the backdrop of World War II, Marilyn writes that "Jimmies deferment is up the seventeenth of this month, which is just two days away. He might get it renewed, then again he might not ... We have got a ration book for gas so we do get around ... we haven't had any severe shortages of food. I'm awfully sorry to hear that Bebe isn't very happy back there, I certainly do miss her, the fact is, is that [I] miss you all just terrible." The discussion continues, bringing in most of the family. "I heard Bernice last month, she has moved to Detroit... She sent me a little Hanky she made herself." And then on to her father "I'm going into town one of these days to see Mr. S. Gifford, Oh Gracie, you just can't imagine how excited I am to think I am really going to see him at last. Golly, I just hope he will want to see me. I think [it will be] alright though, after he gets used to the idea. Ever since I have found out, it has practically made a new person of me. It's something I have to look forward to with the greatest pleasure, seeing him I mean. I had my fortune told by a friend just for fun and guess what? My fortune read that I was going to come in contact with him and that he was going to become very fond of me etc. oh doesn't that sound wonderful, oh if only things would work out that way, I'm just praying with all my heart and soul they will. Grace if you ever do come across that picture of him, please send it to me." [This famous photograph was entually sent to Marilyn and, in fact, came up at auction some years ago.] She continues with family matters, doing a fine job of catching everyone up and that she is having some photos taken to send to her relatives. Then she mentions running into an old acquaitance who said "he thought she was much prettier now and asked me why didn't we drive out and do our shopping at his store. If he hadn't of said all that in one sentence I wouldn't have been so suspicious. He even tempted me. He said he would sell me all the bacon and eggs and butter I wanted. ... I've been travelling a little bit myself. I went to Yuma, Arizona, not to get married again however. Jim and I took his brother Marion, and his girlfriend to get married. Her name is Grance, but I don't care for her, although I guess I'm not the one who has to live with her. By the way Gracie, don't ever say I didn't write to you, for here I am on page five already..." An unusually long and early letter with excellent content.


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