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A collection of 'Nixonette' costume comprising: two blue cotton mini-dresses with red and white zig-zag design, worn by Young Republicans at the 1968 convention in Miami Beach; a white pleated skirt and dress with blue Nixon print; a red wrap-around mini-skirt with white appliqué badges Young Voters For The President and silver sash; two cream vinyl dresses with red and blue fringing; a pair of stars and stripes knee high boots; and two Waste Basket Boutique paper dresses one with Nixon and star print, the other with blue, white and red horizontal striped design; accompanined by a black and white photograph, 1960, of a Nixonette wearing the pleated Nixon skirt; a bumper sticker; and documents concerning the provenance (14)

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The 'Nixonettes' were young girls, dressed in red, white and blue, who volunteered as cheerleaders for Richard Nixon at political rallies and events during the 1960 and 1968 presidential campaigns.

The original owner of the white pleated Nixon skirt recalls how we would dress up in these outfits, take our box full of bumper stickers... and wander around in grocery store parking lots handing them out to people.

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