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The manuscript appears to have been produced for instruction in surveying.
The subjects covered include:
1.'Geometry', 49pp. with 94 figures and diagrams.
2.'Mensuration of Superfluices', 18pp. with 21 figures and digrams.
3.'Mensuration of Solids', 6pp. with 5 figures and diagrams.
4.'Cask Gauging', 4pp. with 1 diagram.
5.'The Construction of a Cask", 1p. with 2 diagrams.
6.'Plain Trigonometry', 20pp. with 22 figures and diagrams.
7.'The Construction & use of Gunters Scale', 1p.
8.'Spherical Geometry', 16pp. with 15 figures and diagrams.
9.'Heights and Distances', 11pp. with 13 diagrams.
10.'Geography & the use of the Terrestrial Globe', 9pp. with 6 diagrams.
11.'The Construction of Mapps & Charts', 5pp. with 6 maps.
12.'Navigation', 80pp. with 61 figures, maps and diagrams (one of the maps mounted).

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