Nouvel Appareil Gaudin daguerreotype camera
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Nouvel Appareil Gaudin daguerreotype camera

Nouvel Appareil Gaudin daguerreotype camera
Lerebours, Paris; 7 x 7cm. plate, 6.5cm.-diameter lacquered-brass body with tending internal tube, the plate holder with hinged cover, lens with wheel stops, and lens panel engraved LEREBOURS A PARIS, mounted within a walnut box with sliding front panel, hinged back panel and top with paper label in contemporary manuscript No. 1. Chambre noir Gaudin à ..., in maker's outer fitted wood box with metal carrying handle
Eaton S. Lothrop (1973), A Century of Cameras, p. 3.
Brian Coe (1978), Cameras, p. 18
R. C. Smith (1975), Antique Cameras, p. 24-25.
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Alexis Gaudin of Paris designed his metal cylindrical camera in 1841. It was built by the Paris optician N. P. Lerebours. The first models were built into a box which contained the processing accessories and had a simple black cloth to cover the lens after exposure. Later models made use of a sliding wood panel to act as a simple shutter and the boxed camera was available separately from the processing accessories.
According to Lothrop the camera offered a range of features not seen on cameras previously, including the provision of a revolving diaphragm.


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