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Chassis No. 500601S
Engine No. 962017
White with black leather interior
Engine: six cylinder, single overhead cam, 180bhp at 6,600rpm; Gearbox: 4-speed manual; Suspension: triangulated front wishbone with Macpherson shocks and struts, independent rear; Brakes: ventilated disc all around. Left hand drive.
In the early 1950s Porsche designers began working on a new model aimed at replacing the coveted 356 speedster. The task, along with a set of guidelines, was given to Ferry Porsche's son Ferdinand. The new Porsche would have to be an evolutionary design and continue in the established Porsche tradition (Dean Batchelor from Illustrated Porsche Buyer's Guide). Under a three man team comprised of Ferdinand Porsche, Erwin Komenda and engine designer Ferdinand Piech, the new Porsche was designed and perfected in a remarkably short time. Its unveiling took place at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1963 and was met with great satisfaction and enthusiasm from the public. The new model carried the numbers 901 and featured a more powerful engine with greater control and handling. In 1965 Porsche transformed the 901 into the 911. The result was the creation of one of the longest running sports car models in the automobile industry. The early '65 and '66 Porsches were received well, but many devoted Porsche customers were dissatisfied with the perfomance of the car, they wanted more. In 1966 Porsche rose to the occasion, dismissing skeptics and satisfying fans, as the 911S model was introduced.

The 911S model came with new camshafts, larger valves and better porting. Compression was raised to 9.8:1 while new Weber carburettors helped increase horsepower to 180bhp at 6,600rpm. The 911S also debuted Porsche's lightweight Fuch's five spoke alloy wheel, the design of which was to become a Porsche standard in the years that followed.

In 1967 this 911S, the 601st built out of a production run of 718, was delivered to its first and only owner, Mr. Harold Geneen of New York and Massachusetts. It was delivered new in Europe to Mr Geneen, who was then President of I.T.T. Corporation. The car was then shipped to New York and taken to Massachusetts for use at his summer house at Oyster Harbor, Cape Cod. Used in tandem with a 1968 911L Coupe (6,500 miles), it has only been driven a little over 7,500 miles from new. With such limited use, the car looks and drives like a one year old vehicle. This low mileage, matching numbers Porsche is thought to have been repainted in small sections over a period of time due to crazing or checking of the original paint. The paintwork seems about 65 original. The original upholstery is reported as being beautifully preserved, especially the optional leather seats with optional headrests. The only non-original items include a two-way radio antenna, fuel pump and transistorized capacitor discharge ignition sytem. Even the undercoating and factory cosmoline attest to the untouched chassis. New items fitted include new axle boots, hood struts (original supplied), exhaust and tires. Original optional items include Hella 128 fog lamps, Durant side view mirror, Hirsch antenna, Blaupunkt New Yorker radio with manual and warranty card, lap and shoulder belts and a Moto Meter ambient temperature gauge. Naturally it comes equipped with a complete tool kit, jack, targa top bag and hood cover. There is also the original owner's manual and original shipping documentation. It is a rare occasion that a Porsche 911S with such low mileage is available. If you have become a Porsche enthusiast over the weekend celebrations at the Monterey race track, or already are one, here is your chance to own and enjoy a highly original piece of the legend...




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