"copied July 30, 1960" on inside black wrapper.

Typescript, 40 pages, oblong, typed on rectos only. Bound in light green wrappers, typewritten label "File Copy" on upper cover (several pages creased, wrappers worn).

MARILYN MONROE'S COPY, with her pencilled initials "MM" on front wrapper, and with extensive notes and markings on 20 pages of the script, in pen and pencil, including extensive deletion of lines in the scene numbered 108 (which she has labelled "love scene"). Her notes are often reminders to herself regarding the action: at scene 31 she notes "keep looking at him"; at scene 45 she writes "make believe he is scrubbed up in a tuxedo"; next to liness inscene 82 "gently, like to a child," and "whisper, then let go." In scene 111, where her character is trying to calm an agitated man, she notes "stroke head, finger on lips," and later in the scene she adds a new line: "women do changes - a man can make that difference." Her notes in scenes 118 to 130 are extensive and quite interesting, and include "walk - tiredness, weariness, inside exhillerated [sic]; "the words are on a thin thread." Next to the lines in which her character cannot see and becomes agitated, she writes "as if all in a dream trying to find myself with these men - am I hearing what I hear." Further on, in scenes 131 to 148, Monroe has made notations including "all the stangers in the world," "stand on a spot of earch and call to the moon - calling into infinity," "in a forest she is covered/in a desert she stands exposed," and "smile - human madonna." At the end of scene 148 she adds a fascinating though cryptic note referring to her acting: "Nightclub - I'm not ashamed of that/hold onto...that as Lee [Strasberg] says of my acting/say it to myself." On the same page, she writes "don't at results/let it occur," and "observe/react/let it happen."

[With:]MONROE. A sheet of autograph notes, 2 pages in pencil on a partial page torn from a yellow lined-paper notebook. Marilyn has written at the top of the sheet "Affective memory/in Sunday school play - children reading - late afternoon child doing my part that I know by heart Aunt Ida." Beneath, she writes "draw My own Map - what I want." Following other notes, at the bottom of the sheet she adds "write out my part." - BEHAN, BRENDAN. Autograph note, penned in ink on a small scrap of paper, paper-clipped to the front cover, reading "For Marilyn Monroe - a credit to the human race mankind in general and womankind in particular."

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