Reid III no. P3084
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Reid III no. P3084

Reid III no. P3084
Reid & Sigrist, Leicester; chrome, the back stamped in white W6/WF/0269, with a Taylor-Hobson Anastigmat f/2 2in. lens no. 329175
Mike Hardy, 'The Reid Camera', in Photographica World no. 93 Summer 2000, pp. 24-34.

Mike Hardy suggests that the military markings on the camera back (and on some of the cases) of many Reid cameras were produced in army workshops, rather than in the Reid and Sigrist factory. Markings were usually suffixed with the number '8810', and prefixes could be numerical or alphabetical. The majority of Reid I cameras appear to have been sold directly to the military or the police, and consequently military markings are relatively frequent. The Reid III was produced from 1947-1965, and it is more unusual to find one with military markings.
Special notice
VAT rate of 17.5% is payable on hammer price plus buyer’s premium.

Lot Essay

Condition: 3C(ii)
Cosmetic: Light signs of wear.
Mechanical: Working but accuracy of shutter (usually at slow speeds) questionable.
Lenses: Clean and clear, minor handling marks.


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