Rolleiflex cameras
comprising 120-rollfilm grey Rolleiflex T no. 2156768 with a Heidosmat f/2.8 75mm. viewing lens no. 3038378 and a Carl Zeiss Tessar f/3.5 75mm. lens no. 3305848, in maker's ever ready case, Rolleiflex 2.8A, no. 1119023, with a Heidoscop-Anastigmat f/2.8 8cm. viewing lens no. 818896 and a Carl Zeiss, Jena Tessar f/2.8 8cm. taking lens no. 2310961, in maker's ever ready case; Rolleiflex no. 1415918, 120-rollfilm, with a Heidosmat f/2.8 80mm. viewing lens no. 711146 and a Schneider Xenotar f/2.8 80mm. taking lens no. 3641854 and other accessories(a lot)

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