SPICER, London
A 10 x 10 inch mahogany body collapsable Kinnear-pattern camera with brass binding, screw focusing, removable red leather bellows, internal septum provision, removable focusing screen, rising front, inset maker's label Spicer, Manufacturer, Garnault Place, Clerkenwell and a brass bound J. H. Dallmeyer Triple Achromatic lens no. 12585; a mahogany and brass bound single darkslide with integral red glass.

Lot Essay

Lewis H. Spicer is listed as daguerreotype (later, photographic) apparatus manufacturer from 1854-1884 at 6 Garnault Place, London. William Spicer continued from this address from 1885-1894 and the company became Spicer & Co. in 1895. The Dallmeyer lenses date to 1866-1867.

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