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Stan Laurel
A collection of approximately 16 scripts for radio, television and film sketches, 1920s-1960s, some annotated in Stan Laurel's hand with amendments to the script and notes on the characterizations, including:
- a script for a radio interview with a journalist named Boden, 5pp. of mimeographed typescript, with minor amendments in Laurel's hand, including the name Mr Boden crossed out or amended and Laurel's line I'll have a Powers Gold Label amended to I'll have a small whiskey;
- three scripts for Birds Of A Feather, written by Stan Laurel, one with 18pp. of mimeographed typescript, with minor amendments in Laurel's hand, including an amendment to the Nurse's line from You just made a bit of a mistake, Doctor, this is the one you were supposed to examine to He tried to escape and I caught him just in time and an addition to the Doctor's reply You have made a mistake Miss Parker, this is the Patient...;
- a script for a television interview with Band Leader, Henry Hall, for his programme Face The Music, 8pp. of mimeographed typescript, with minor amendments and additions to the script in Laurel's hand, including one addition to the first page You haven't much to say Mr. Laurel, I do, he told me to keep my mouth shut!; and approximately 15 story synopses, the majority for Hal Roach productions written by Stan Laurel, some inscribed Stan Laurel, including: Eve's Love Letters, 1927, 8pp. of mimeographed typescript; Madame Mystery, 1926, 20pp. of mimeographed typescript; a proposed adaptation of the 1927 silent film starring Marion Davies The Red Mill, 12pp. of mimeographed typescript; and related material (a lot)
The Estate Of Stan Laurel.

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