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STAR TREK, 1966 - 1969
An original twenty-six page typewritten proposal by Gene Roddenberry for the original "Star Trek" television series. Centered on the title page is typed Star Trek; in the lower righthand corner Created by: GENE RODDENBERRY; written in red in the upper right-hand corner FILE. The proposal outlines Gene Roddenberry's original concept for one of the most popular television series ever produced, and begins "STAR TREK is a television 'first'...A one-hour Science Fiction series with continuing characters...Combining the most varied in Drama-Action-Adventure with complete production practicality...And with almost limitless story potential." The document goes on describe the series as a "Wagon Train To The Stars" and introduces the ship "U.S.S. Enterprise." Characters are also proposed including "Captain Robert T. April, mid-thirties, an unusually strong and colorful personality, the commander of the cruiser..."Number One", a glacier-like, efficient female who serves as the ship's Executive Officer; Jose' "Joe" Tyler, the brilliant but sometimes immature Navigator; Mister Spock, with a red-hued satanic look and surprisingly gentle manners; Phillip "Bones" Boyce, M.D., ship's doctor and worldly cynic; and uncomfortably lovely J.M. Colt, the Captain's Yeoman." These original characters were revised over time to become the cast now familiar to millions. In describing Mr. Spock, Roddenberry crosses out "The First Lieutenent" and writes in pencil "Ships Science Officer." Special effects, location, and story concepts are also presented, with one such concept named "The Mirror" later used in the episode "Mirror, Mirror."


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