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STAR TREK, 1966 - 1969
The original model of the "Klingon" "Bird of Prey" warship used in the "Star Trek" television series. The meticulously detailed model is constructed of painted wood and plastic, decorated with metallic and colored decals, and rests on a black wooden base. The model was originally designed by Stephan Poe and Matt Jefferies ("Star Trek's" art director) as an answer to the growing demand for "Star Trek" related merchandise. The AMT Corporation, a manufacturer of scale model plastic hobby kits, needed a counterpart to their successful "U.S.S. Enterprise" model, the result was the creation of the "Klingon" "Bird of Prey." AMT eventually created two detailed models for use in the production of the series. One version was oversized with breakaway parts, the other, offered here, a detailed miniature used for stop-motion photography. After the series concluded, the model was given to Mr. Whitfield by "Star Trek" creator Gene Roddenberry. Together with conceptual artwork of the warship--19 x 29 in.


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